"But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us—see that you also excel in this grace of giving." 2Corinthians 8:11

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sick in Africa = No Fun!

Today I woke up feeling nauseous and it has lasted all day. I assume I picked up some stomach virus. Unfortunately, this has caused me to be stuck in bed all day. No fun at all. I was unable to go to the Haven and see the little babies today because A. I can barely function since I cannot keep any food down and B. I don’t want to risk getting the children sick. At times like this I need my momma! Thankfully Lace filled in as nurse and kept bringing me cold wet wash cloths and water. Sweet friend.
Since I was unable to do much today besides lay in bed under my mosquito net (I felt like I was being quarantined) I figured I would use this post to display some pictures from the past few days here in Africa.

Spraying Lacey some mouth wash

Jaime, Catherine, Lace Face, and I taking a picture on our LOOOONG flight Finally arrived in Africa

Watching the soccer game

Baby Nita from the Haven

Lady holding a chicken in the market...no big deal.

Note: Rachel and I clinging to our coffee cups at breakfast


  1. Hey girl! I'm glad you are feeling better and your daddy does not have to air vac you out of Africa! Ha! Drink lots of water and take care of yourself! Love you so much! Momma :o)

  2. Kay--I am loving reading your blog and has turned my whole family onto it! The airport reminded me of a similar experience we shared together on a little trip we like to call Winter Park!!!! I love you, i am so proud of you for going out of your comfort zone and to share your knowledge of the Lord and the knowledge you have gained from your education with others! I admire you! Take care---get better!! Love you Kay!!

  3. Dear Sis-
    Hope you get to feeling better.
    Love Kel

  4. Love the pictures!! Sorry that you were sick!!