"But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us—see that you also excel in this grace of giving." 2Corinthians 8:11

Monday, June 21, 2010

"A"-mazing: Victoria Falls.

This morning Caroline, Marja, Lacey, and I went downtown with the Tulli family to do a little shopping. We did some damage at the local market (as usual). However, with Caroline at our side we weren’t suckered into buying from every person or purchasing things at a ridiculous price; she is a great bargainer and led the way for the day. After about an hour of shopping at the market we were overwhelmed and on the verge of having a panic attack/I was in need of a "feeding". We planned on meeting the rest of the group at Funky Monkey, this really good pizza place that B.Weave has talked about all trip, however, we soon discovered it was closed for renovation (sad day). Instead we had a picnic in the parking lot of a grocery store :) Then we were off to Victoria Falls!
Last time we were at the falls it was night time so we couldn’t exactly see what a WONDER we were looking at.

Apparently it was tye-dye day...

Today when I saw the falls again I was taken aback because I forgot how absolutely breath taking it really is. Victoria Falls is another one of God’s amazing creations that leaves me speechless!!!

The group that went across the bridge (minus Rach, she was the photographer and had "been there done that")

Last time Lace and I aborted the mission across the bridge that involves you getting drenched by the mist from the falls; because we didn’t have an extra change of clothes. However, this time we were ready! By natural instinct, I think, we headed straight towards the direction of the bridge as soon as we entered the park. We took a few snaps at the first over look then we walked down towards more views and that’s when we started getting wet from the falls. Once we got to the bridge the plan was to run across as quick as possible. Instead we did a combination of running/walking, because the view had us stopping to take in the beauty of being IN THE FALLS! We were able to see a rainbow going over the bridge, it was amazing! I became unaware of the fact that I was completely soaked from head to toe. We didn’t stop there, we continued on the other side of the bridge which is further into the falls as it continued to “rain” on us.
We do yoga at Victoria Falls...no big deal.
We say "A" is for AMAZING-ness in the falls

We all agreed if you are going to see Victoria Falls, then you have to GET IN IT! After we basically came to a dead end, we were forced to turn around and trek back across the bridge (slowly) taking in the view as much as possible. Once we were in the clear of the “rain” from the falls we looked like wet dogs. I remained wet for the rest of the afternoon until I was able to change clothes for the sunset cruise. But it was definitely worth it!

Drenched by the falls

The sunset cruise was so much fun it was almost like being on a safari again (almost!). We were able to see a couple of hippos in the water and a crocodile. We enjoyed a nice dinner and pretty much relaxed and took in the view of the beautiful Zambian sunset.
The four of us sat here for the first half of the cruise, listening(at the same time) to "Imma Be" on our ipods. Love it.
The end to my evening...

I loved the time I was able to spend here in Livingstone and I suggest to anyone who gets the chance to come here for a nice vacation! :) Tomorrow we head back to Kolomo; where we have to pack and get ready to make our way home. It is crazy how fast these past 6 weeks have flown by…

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